Evaluating energy efficiency strategy in NSW

These evaluation reports verify the energy and cost savings generated by the NSW Energy Efficiency Strategy which ran from 2007 - 2013. $203.6 million was invested by the NSW Government in the Strategy programs.

Why this matters…

  • The data collected supports a growing body of evidence for the ongoing development of energy efficiency policy and programs.
  • New measurement methods have been incorporated into the NSW Energy Savings Scheme.
  • Each of the evaluated programs generated significant real savings for the participants.
  • The 2015 report presents detailed recommendations for future improvements to data collection, analysis, interpretation and evaluation of energy efficiency programs.


NSW Energy Efficiency Programs - Cost Benefit Analysis (PDF 2.5MB)
Report by Jacobs Group (Australia) Pty Limited, published December 2014

NSW Energy Efficiency Programs 2012 Evaluation Report (PDF 843KB)
Report by ARTD Consultants

NSW Energy Efficiency Programs 2015 Evaluation Report (PDF 786KB)
Report by ARTD Consultants