Home Saver Rebates Program evaluation

The Home Saver Rebates Program ran from 2007 to 2011, giving financial incentives to households choosing energy and water efficient appliances and fittings.

Urbis evaluated the entire set of rebates, and the Institute for Sustainable Futures analysed savings from the hot water system rebate.

Why this matters….

  • 1 in 8 NSW households benefited from the program.
  • Collectively, households will save more than $1 billion in energy bills as a result of replacing inefficient hot water systems and installing ceiling insulation.
  • Over their lifetime, the installation of rainwater tanks, washing machines and dual flush toilets will save the equivalent of 43,000 Olympic swimming pools or one-fifth of Sydney Harbour.
  • Nine out of 10 recipients said the rebate had a positive effect on household behaviour.
  • More than 155,000 households received a rebate to replace electric-storage hot-water systems. The replacement hot-water systems all generated net electricity savings.


Evaluation of the NSW Home Saver Rebate Program – Evaluation Report (PDF 3.5MB)
Report by Urbis Pty Ltd

Quantative Analysis of Electricity Savings from the Home Saver Rebates Program – Final Report (PDF 1.9MB) - Hot water system replacements
Report by the Institute for Sustainable Futures