Aboriginal Heritage Legislation in NSW: Reform milestones 1969-2011

This document forms part of a strategy developed to engage with stakeholders and Aboriginal communities to further develop Aboriginal heritage management legislation in New South Wales.

1 October 2011
Office of Environment and Heritage
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This document provides a basic and factual summary of past inquiries, reviews, relevant legislation, events, and issues involving the management of Aboriginal cultural heritage.

In 1969 the NSW Government became the second government in Australia to legislate to protect elements of Aboriginal heritage through amendments made to the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1967. Although the Act has been progressively amended over the years, the underpinnings of the substantive Aboriginal heritage provisions of the Act remain basically as they were originally introduced and intended.

For over 30 years Aboriginal peoples and communities have called for fundamental change to the legislation governing the management of Aboriginal heritage in New South Wales. The NSW Government established an Aboriginal Culture and Heritage Reform Working Party in 2011 to review, develop and make recommendations on options for the management and protection of Aboriginal cultural heritage in New South Wales.

Our Aboriginal cultural heritage legislation webpage provides more information about the reform process and the current proposed new system for managing and conserving Aboriginal cultural heritage in New South Wales.