Ben Halls Gap National Park Plan of Management

Ben Halls Gap National Park became a nature reserve in 2016. The plan of management applies to the reserve. The reserve which covers 2,500 hectares, is located at the junction of the Liverpool and Mount Royal Ranges in the northern tablelands of New South Wales. It is 60 kilometres south-east of Tamworth and 10 kilometres from the township of Nundle. There are no public roads which provide access to the park and the park contains no visitor facilities.

1 October 2002
NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service
Publication, Plan of management, Final
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The reserve features an outstanding area of tall, high nutrient old growth eucalypt forest. Very little logging and grazing have occurred in the reserve and as a result it has high quality habitat and virtually no weeds.

Sphagnum moss mounds found in some areas of rainforest in the park are significant. The rainforest and areas of sphagnum moss are remnants of a habitat thought to have been more extensive in past wetter climatic periods. The sphagnum moss cool temperate rainforest community within the reserve has been listed as an endangered ecological community under Schedule 1 of the Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995.

In order to protect the fragile ecology of the reserve and to keep it as free as possible of weeds, this plan provides that public use of the reserve will be primarily through NPWS Discovery tours and visits by educational and community organisations. Limits have been placed on the number of groups visits per year and all visitors to the reserve will be required to implement minimum impact practices, including cleaning of personal items before entering the park.