Animal and plant surveys

Help us survey animals and plants near you.

Citizen science is an important tool helping to fill knowledge gaps and improve OEH monitoring, evaluation and reporting activitiesDo you want to monitor wombats or go birdwatching for science? How about hiking to remote regions to hunt for weeds?

These are just some of the ways that citizen scientists can get involved in animal and plant surveys.

Citizen scientists work alongside our staff to create a snapshot of the number, type and distribution of species in a particular area.

They can survey threatened species, other native animals  and plants, even weeds.

The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment then uses that information in our monitoring programs to support decision-making.

Get involved

There are lots of ways to get involved with animal and plant surveys, whatever your age or background.

For instance, you can:

We’d also like to hear from potential partners and researchers interested in working with us on future projects.

By taking part in citizen science animal and surveys, you will be helping us monitor and conserve animals and plants in New South Wales.