Spy on Warrumbungle nest boxes

The 2013 bush fire that devastated Warrumbungle National Park destroyed habitat for a range of animals that nest in tree hollows; like parrots, cockatoos, gliders, possums and bats.

So an army of volunteers set up about 400 nesting boxes for them around the park.

Now, years after the fire, we need your help to see which animals have moved into their new homes.

How can I help?

If you’re planning to visit the park and have a smartphone, you can help.

Download the free QuestaGame app

QuestaGame - iTunes  or QuestaGame - Google Play

  1. Once you reach the park, click on Quests
  2. Choose a nest box quest to join
  3. Follow the quest trail to find nest boxes
  4. Upload any sightings.

Other Warrumbungle research

The nest box citizen science project is part of a larger research program to monitor how plants, animals and soils are recovering from the 2013 fire.