Digital citizen science projects

Put your smartphone, home computer or tablet to good use as a citizen scientist.

Smartphones, tablets and home computers have revolutionised the way you can volunteer as a citizen scientist, whatever your age or backgroundSmartphones, tablets and home computers have revolutionised the way you can participate, whatever your age or background.

You can take photos and videos to survey wildlife or monitor landscapes, then quickly share your findings.

For instance, you can contribute imagesto help us track recovery of Warrumbungle National Park from fire.

Volunteer from home

If getting out into the field doesn’t appeal, there are other options.

Just search for a project that allows you to enter data, upload video or analyse images from home.

You can also help save threatened species by contributing online to our superb parrot citizen science project. 

Report sightings online

You can also report sightings of plants and animals with BioNet, whether or not you’re taking part in a citizen science project.

Contributing to BioNet means your reports can be used for:

  • research and education
  • managing pests and weeds
  • protecting threatened species
  • complementing environmental impact assessments, or
  • letting interested nature lovers know which plants and animals are nearby.

However you use digital technology, your work as a citizen scientist will help us monitor and care for our natural environment.