Saving our Species on DigiVol

Help conserve our threatened species by tagging images taken by scientists in the field.

How would you monitor difficult to find threatened species across NSW’s vast environment?

Scientists from the Saving our Species (SoS) program use motion-triggered cameras to capture the presence, number and activity of these threatened species. Once the cameras detect movement they take a burst of images, which are then downloaded and tagged to identify the animal that has triggered the camera. Scientists can then use this data to monitor their threatened species, fill knowledge gaps, and inform on-ground conservation programs.

However, there is a problem. The cameras take many more photos than can be processed by scientists alone – this is where you can help.

Scientists are uploading images onto DigiVol, an online platform developed by the Australian Museum and the Atlas of Living Australia. You can now go to DigiVol to begin identifying what animals have been captured within these images. All you need to participate is access to a computer and an internet connection, the citizen science team have created user-friendly guides to help you navigate the system and learn how to identify the animals.

By tagging the animals in the images as a citizen scientist you are directly contributing data to scientists that are responsible for conserving our threatened species.

What projects can I contribute to?

MalleefowlMalleefowl on DigiVol

The Saving our Species (SoS) Malleefowl project uses a number of camera traps to monitor threats to malleefowl at their nesting locations (known as 'mounds'). Malleefowl on DigiVol contains 'Threat Detector' expeditions aiming to understand threats to malleefowl by a range of animals that visit their nests.

Information in the images, processed by you as citizen scientist, will assist in identifying patterns of visitation by foxes, cats, goannas and all the other animals the visit.

The data is very valuable to scientists and land managers as it will be analysed to determine if visiting animals are having a real impact on malleefowl activity during their nesting season. Results will inform conservation management.

Malleefowl can be really fascinating to watch. Sign up and be the first to unlock the secrets held in these images. You can find this project on DigiVol.

How do I sign up?

It is really simple to contribute to Saving our Species.

  • Create your account on DigiVol.
  • Search for Saving our Species on the institution page and choose an SoS project.
  • Choose from the expeditions listed, click the view tutorial button to read the instructions and then get started tagging images.