Freshwater citizen science projects

Help monitor our rivers, wetlands and floodplains as a citizen scientist.

Namoi River, habitat of the Bell's turtle, Northern Tablelands NSWOur rivers, wetlands and floodplains are home to an abundance of animals and plants that you can help survey, monitor and protect as a citizen scientist.

By taking part in freshwater citizen science projects, your work will help protect our rivers, wetlands and floodplains for future generations.

If you’re a student, you can help keep an eye on water quality by learning to take samples alongside Department of Planning, Industry and Environment staff.

Find out about our student citizen science project to monitor invertebrates and water quality at Warrumbungle National Park.

Get involved in the Waterbird Tracker project. This platform is designed to help you learn about and collect information on our iconic waterbirds, and we want your help in collecting records for them. By participating, you also help others to learn more about these magnificent birds and their wetland homes and highlight threats that can harm their habitats, including their long-term survival across the region.

We also partner with other organisations to run freshwater citizen science projects, like Freshwater Watch.

Work with us

You can take part in citizen science whatever your interests or hobbies.

See how one young citizen scientist combined his passion for photography and birdwatching to survey wetlands in the Gwydir valley.

We’d also like to hear from potential partners and researchers interested in working with us on future projects.