Share your superb parrot stories and sightings

We need your help to look out for superb parrots. So please share your stories, reports, photos and videos of this colourful threatened species.

Help us understand, conserve and manage the superb parrot, a threatened species that you’ll find in eastern inland NSW.

You can’t miss its grass-green colouring, making it easy to spot.

As a citizen scientist, you can report when birds arrive and leave your local area, where they nest, where and what they eat, and anything else about their behaviour.

You can also share your stories, photos and videos of the superb parrot online.

All of your contributions build a picture of this distinctive threatened species under the Saving our Species program.

How can I take part?

Head to Keeping up with the superb parrot to learn more about the project and to register as a citizen scientist.

You can also see how other citizen scientists have contributed so far.