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Guide to Using Research in Sustainability Programs

Research has an important part to play in sustainability programs, however, there is some confusion about when to do it and how to use it. Some people think that research is primarily an academic exercise, mainly done by educational institutions. This is not the case. This guide aims to demystify research and explain how research leads to successful outcomes.

It can assist project and program managers integrate research as a key part of best practice program management and provides guidance to the types of research appropriate at different program stages. It uses an outcomes hierarchy approach to planning research into the stages of the program management cycle.

This guide is about how to plan to do research, source existing research, conduct new research and integrate research in sustainability or sustainability education programs.

It will help you to understand:

  • how research builds knowledge - an important ingredient of successful education programs
  • what types of knowledge you can develop from research - either existing or new research
  • the role of research in change
  • how to incorporate research throughout sustainability or sustainability education programs.

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Page last updated: 23 October 2015