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Saving our Species (SoS) strategies

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Your search returned one or more sites that have not been mapped (e.g. they are potential translocation sites or do not have a physical location).

Threatened species, populations, ecological communities or key threatening processes

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Common nameScientific nameSpecies typeSoS strategySpecies profile
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LancewoodAcacia petraeaTrees Under Development
(view species profile)
Acacia petraea species profile
Giant FernAngiopteris evectaFerns and Cycads Angiopteris evecta SoS strategy Angiopteris evecta species profile
Aponogeton queenslandicusAponogeton queenslandicusAquatic Plants Under Development
(view species profile)
Aponogeton queenslandicus species profile
Heart-leaved Star HairAstrotricha cordataShrubs Astrotricha cordata SoS strategy Astrotricha cordata species profile
Yellow SatinheartBosistoa transversaTrees Bosistoa transversa SoS strategy Bosistoa transversa species profile
White-crowned SnakeCacophis harriettaeReptiles Cacophis harriettae SoS strategy Cacophis harriettae species profile
Great KnotCalidris tenuirostrisBirds Calidris tenuirostris SoS strategy Calidris tenuirostris species profile
Native JusticiaHarnieria hygrophiloidesHerbs and Forbs Harnieria hygrophiloides SoS strategy Harnieria hygrophiloides species profile
Archer's CarexCarex archeriHerbs and Forbs Carex archeri SoS strategy Carex archeri species profile
Greater Sand-ploverCharadrius leschenaultiiBirds Charadrius leschenaultii SoS strategy Charadrius leschenaultii species profile

Key management sites

Your search returned one or more sites that are restricted due to the sensitive nature of either the species or the site. Individuals involved in management on these sites can access detailed information via the database.
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Site nameThreatened speciesLocal government area (LGA)StatusSite type
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Peery Lake Salt Pipewort (Eriocaulon carsonii) Central Darling  ActiveKey management site
Mt. Poole Small-leaved Little Dry Shrub (Xerothamnella parvifolia) Unincorporated - Far West Area  ActiveKey management site
Settlement Knicker Nut (Caesalpinia bonduc) Unincorporated - Lord Howe Island  ActiveKey management site
Gap Beach Knicker Nut (Caesalpinia bonduc) Kempsey  ProposedKey management site
Jones Beach Knicker Nut (Caesalpinia bonduc) Clarence Valley  ActiveKey management site
Clarence River Estuary Terek Sandpiper (Xenus cinereus) Clarence Valley  ProposedKey management site
Shoalhaven Estuary Terek Sandpiper (Xenus cinereus) Goulburn Mulwaree, Shoalhaven  ActiveKey management site
Hunter Estuary and Port Stephens Terek Sandpiper (Xenus cinereus) Lake Macquarie, Maitland, Mid-Coast, Newcastle, Port Stephens  ActiveKey management site
Richmond River Estuary Terek Sandpiper (Xenus cinereus) Ballina, Byron, Lismore, Richmond Valley  ProposedKey management site
Manning River Estuary Terek Sandpiper (Xenus cinereus) Mid-Coast  ActiveKey management site

Are you or is someone you know doing conservation work on threatened species?

Contact us to tell us about the work. Your input will help provide a broader picture of conservation work across NSW.

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Common nameScientific nameSpecies type
LancewoodAcacia petraeaTrees
Giant FernAngiopteris evectaFerns and Cycads
Aponogeton queenslandicusAponogeton queenslandicusAquatic Plants
Heart-leaved Star HairAstrotricha cordataShrubs
Yellow SatinheartBosistoa transversaTrees
White-crowned SnakeCacophis harriettaeReptiles
Great KnotCalidris tenuirostrisBirds
Native JusticiaHarnieria hygrophiloidesHerbs and Forbs
Archer's CarexCarex archeriHerbs and Forbs
Greater Sand-ploverCharadrius leschenaultiiBirds
Lesser Sand-ploverCharadrius mongolusBirds
Gympie StingerDendrocnide moroidesShrubs
Salt PipewortEriocaulon carsoniiHerbs and Forbs
Sweet False GaliumOldenlandia galioidesHerbs and Forbs
Silver IndigoIndigofera leucotrichaShrubs
Black-tailed GodwitLimosa limosaBirds
Short-footed Screw FernLindsaea brachypodaFerns and Cycads
Spotted Tree FrogLitoria spenceriAmphibians
Coast EuodiaMelicope vitifloraTrees
Yellow-footed Rock-wallabyPetrogale xanthopusMarsupials
Lacy PomaderrisPomaderris elachophyllaShrubs
Terek SandpiperXenus cinereusBirds
Rotala tripartitaRotala tripartitaHerbs and Forbs
Holly-leaf GrevilleaGrevillea ilicifolia subsp. ilicifoliaShrubs
Dodonaea stenophyllaDodonaea stenophyllaShrubs
Southern Scrub-robinDrymodes brunneopygiaBirds
Striated FieldwrenCalamanthus fuliginosusBirds
Small-leaved Little Dry ShrubXerothamnella parvifoliaShrubs
Knicker NutCaesalpinia bonducShrubs
Curlew SandpiperCalidris ferrugineaBirds
Clover GlycineGlycine latrobeanaHerbs and Forbs
Wild OrangeCapparis canescensShrubs
Cucumis althaeoidesCucumis althaeoidesHerbs and Forbs
Brown Butterfly OrchidSarcochilus dilatatusOrchids
Kermadec Petrel (west Pacific subspecies)Pterodroma neglecta neglectaBirds