Nature conservation

Threatened species

Small-flower Grevillea (Grevillea parviflora subsp. parviflora)

Species Action Statement

This species has been assigned to the Data-deficient species management stream under the Saving our Species (SoS) program.

Justification for allocation to this management stream

This species is in the Data Deficient stream as little is known about its distribution or the management techniques required to secure it in the wild.

Conservation status

Management objectives

This action statement aims to address key knowledge gaps for this species, which once resolved, can inform effective management of this species.

Species sightings and management sites across NSW

How will this species be managed?

  • Undertake a threat assessment to determine sensitivity to pathogens (e.g. Phytophthora). Assess recruitment and pollination success, impacts of fire and use genetics to determine the diversity of individuals.
A number of state-wide conservation actions have also been identified for this threatened species, which can be viewed by clicking the link below.

Show actions

  • Identify and survey potential habitat to detect new populations.
  • Monitor known populations, so that potential local extinctions are detected before they occur and mechanisms can be put in place to reverse trends.
  • Liaise with land managers to encourage the preparation of site management plans and the implementation of appropriate threat abatement measures, particularly in fire management, bush regeneration, roadside management, weed control and fencing and signage.
  • Investigate seed viability, germination, dormancy and longevity (in natural environment and in storage).
  • Investigate genetic variation in collaboration with BGT.

Are you or is someone you know doing conservation work for this species or in this area?

Contact us to tell us about the work. Your input will help OEH evaluate the status of threatened species and provide a broader picture of conservation work across NSW.