Nature conservation

Threatened species

Spotted Tree Frog (Litoria spenceri)

Species Action Statement

This species has been assigned to the Partnership (range-restricted) management stream under the Saving our Species (SoS) program.

Justification for allocation to this management stream

Less than 10% of the species' total population occurs within NSW.

Conservation status

Strategic importance

The spotted-tree frog is critically endangered in NSW and has only persisted through on-ground conservation actions including captive breeding and translocation. The species is threatened throughout its range and NSW is actively involved in the national recovery program to secure the species in Australia. NSW sites are important to the security of the species as they cover the north-eastern extent of the species distribution and include habitat that could provide a refuge for the species from Chytrid, which is the most significant threat to the species. These sites are important as they have a thermal regime that is within the species distribution that does not favour Chytrid infection and there are low abundances of other frog species that could be reservoir hosts for the disease. The sites also have low impacts from other threats to the species (e.g. invasive trout, weeds, hydrological disturbance). Due to the importance of these sites, NSW has the opportunity to develop and trial the reintroduction of the species to disease refuge habitat. The outcomes will inform management of the species across its range in Australia. This action has been identified as one of the top 20 management actions in the national priority assessment for frogs. Given the global declines of many frog species from Chytrid, these techniques will be valuable for informing international frog conservation strategies.

Conservation status in other Australian jurisdictions

Conservation status in other Australian jurisdictions not available.

Management objectives

This action statement aims to secure critical populations of this species in NSW in the long-term.

Species sightings and management sites across NSW

Your search returned one or more sites that are restricted due to the sensitive nature of either the species or the site. Individuals involved in management on these sites can access detailed information via the database.

How will this species be managed?

Key management sites for this threatened species are being identified by the NSW Government and other program partners, where feasible, cost-effective and beneficial management actions can be undertaken. Currently, 4 management sites have been identified for this threatened species.

Management sites

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Site nameSite typeStatusLocal government area (LGA)
Tumut Catchment site 1 Priority management siteActive Snowy Valleys 
Tumut Catchment site 2 Priority management siteActive Snowy Valleys 
Tooma Catchment and Swampy Plains Catchment Priority management siteActive Snowy Monaro Regional, Snowy Valleys 
Captive breeding program Priority management siteActive  

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