Nature conservation

Threatened species

Bolam's Mouse (Pseudomys bolami)

Saving our Species strategy

This species has been assigned to the Partnership (widespread) management stream under the Saving our Species (SoS) program.

Justification for allocation to this management stream

Less than 10% of the species occurs within NSW.

Conservation status

Strategic importance

Bolam’s Mouse has been recorded consistently in the semi-arid vegetation of NSW, including Scotia Mallee vegetation and other woodland habitats (e.g. chenopod shrublands). In NSW the extent of the species range is not well known, and current accepted distribution may reflect higher survey effort in Mallee vegetation than other vegetation types rather than the actual distribution. The species can be easily confused with Sandy Inland Mouse, which has an overlapping distribution and similar morphological characteristics. Connectivity between populations in other states is not understood because of scattered occurrence data and a lack of survey effort in some areas. In South Australia the species is not listed as threatened, but it is typically sparsely detected across its known range, except in wetter years. The species is extinct from Victoria. Local populations of Bolam’s Mouse experience boom and bust cycles, showing marked variation in relation to rainfall, with substantial population increases following wet periods and population decreases during dry periods. It is likely that Bolam’s mouse populations become locally extinct, or reduced to low and difficult to detect numbers, when conditions are poor. Small and medium-sized mammals have experienced high extinction rates in Australia’s Mallee communities with few species persisting, even in large expanses of native vegetation. Management of threats to Bolam’s Mouse habitat in NSW is important to ensure its long-term security in the state.

Conservation status in other Australian jurisdictions

Conservation status in other Australian jurisdictions not available.

Management objectives

This SoS strategy aims to secure critical populations of this species in NSW in the long-term and maintain its conservation status under the BC Act.

Species sightings and management sites across NSW

How will this species be managed?

Key management sites for this threatened species are being identified by the NSW Government and other program partners, where feasible, cost-effective and beneficial management actions can be undertaken. Currently, 1 management site has been identified for this threatened species.

Management sites

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Site nameSite typeStatusLocal government area (LGA)
Nanya Station and adjacent areas of Scotia Mallee Priority management siteActive Unincorporated - Far West Area, Wentworth 

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