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State of the catchments 2010: Data Inventory

This is an initial list of datasets used in the 2010 State of the catchments reports published under the Natural Resource Management Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting (MER) program. We will update this list as data management and archiving work progresses.

MER Themes


Native vegetation

Indicator Dataset
Native vegetation condition and pressures NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) Estate
Native vegetation extent, condition and pressures NSW Extant Native Vegetation (Keith and Simpson 2006) - Version 002
NSW Interim Native Vegetation Extent (2008-v1)
NSW Landuse
NSW State of the Catchments 2008: MER Native Vegetation Theme


Indicator Dataset
Sustainability of terrestrial vertebrate species Aerial Survey of Waterbirds in Eastern Australia
Atlas of NSW Wildlife
Sustainability assessment of native fauna in NSW: 2008

Threatened species

Indicator Dataset
Index of threatened species recovery Atlas of NSW Wildlife
Schedules of the NSW Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995
Recovery assessment of threatened species, populations and ecological communities in NSW: 2008

Invasive species

Indicator Dataset
New and emerging invasive species             Cumulative Caulerpa taxifolia
NSW 2008 Pest animal survey
Sydney Metro CMA weeds survey
Widespread invasive species NSW 2007-08 Local government weed survey          

Riverine ecosystems

Indicator Dataset
Macro-invertebrates Aquatic Macroinvertebrates of NSW (1994 - ongoing)
Salinity MER 2008 Salinity Trend Data
Temperature MER 2008 Temperature Trend Data
Turbidity MER 2008 Turbidity Trend Data
Various flow variables MER Hydrology Condition Assessment - Modelled Catchment - Derived Dataset
MER Hydrology Condition Assessment - Unmodelled Catchment - Derived Dataset
Water quality MER Water Quality Condition Assessment of NSW: 2005-2008


Indicator Dataset
Groundwater condition & pressure indices MER Groundwater State of the Catchment Expert Panel Assessment

Marine waters and ecosystems

Indicator Dataset
Extent of marine protected areas New South Wales Marine Park Boundaries 2007
Marine algal blooms Frequency of Algal Blooms in NSW state waters
Recreational water quality Beachwatch and Harbourwatch Bacteriological Database
Rocky reef biota Rocky Reef Biota


Indicator Dataset
Condition indicator ratings Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting (Theme 2): Wetlands Scoring
Extent NSW wetlands
Extent, condition (fringing zone vegetation; frogs; macro-invertebrates; catchment disturbance) Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting (Theme 2): NSW Wetland Monitoring Sites
Water quality (salinity) MER 2008 Salinity Trend Data
Water quality (turbidity) MER 2008 Turbidity Trend Data

Estuaries and coastal lakes

Indicator Dataset
Classification into chlorophyll response type Estuary Chlorophyll Response-based Classification
Classification into geomorphological type Estuary Geomorphological Classification
Condition and pressure index ratings Estuary Index Rating
Condition indicator ratings Estuary Condition Rating System
Entrance condition Estuary Entrance Condition
Estuarine macrophytes Estuarine Macrophytes of NSW Estuaries
Disturbed habitat Estuary Foreshore Structure Length
Population density Estuary Catchment Population
Pressure indicator ratings Estuary Pressure Rating System
Sewage treatment plant point source load Estuary Sewage Discharge Loads
Total Nitrogen load Total Nitrogen Loads, NSW Coastal Catchments
Total Phosphorus load Total Phosphorus loads, NSW Coastal Catchments
Total suspended solids load Total Suspended Solids Loads, NSW Coastal Catchments
Water extraction Estuary Catchment Water Extraction
Water quality (chlorophyll a) MER Chlorophyll
Water quality (turbidity) Estuary Turbidity
Water quality generally Estuary Water Quality Data Compilation - SOC 2010
Contextual data Estuary Catchment Evaporation: Mean Annual 1921-1995
Estuary Catchment Rainfall: Mean Annual 1921-1995
Estuary Catchment Streamflow and Surface Runoff: 1975-2007
Estuary Depth
Estuary Dilution Capacity
Estuary Flushing Time
Estuary Mouth Locations
Estuary Perimeter
Estuary Surface Area
Estuary Tidal Prism Volume
Estuary Tidal Range
Estuary Water Volume

Soil condition

Indicator Dataset
Acid sulfate soils Coastal Acid Sulfate Soil Condition 2008 monitoring baseline
Acid sulfate soils (Contextual data) Acid Sulfate Soils Risk Data
Gully erosion Soil Condition Monitoring Indicator Dataset: Broadscale Gully Erosion 2008 baseline
Soil Condition Monitoring Indicator Dataset: High Resolution Gully Erosion 2008 Baseline
Sheet erosion risk Sheet erosion 2008 MER Indicator
Soil acidity; acid sulfate soil; soil salinity; soil structure; organic carbon; gully erosion; wind erosion risk; sheet erosion risk Soil Condition Monitoring Evaluation & Reporting 2008 Indicators
Soil carbon, soil pH, soil structure Soil Condition Monitoring 2008 Baseline Site Database
Soil profile data (Contextual data) NSW soil profiles
Soil salinity condition Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting Soil Condition (Salinity) Report Card Scores - Summary (4 March 2009)
Soil salinity pressure Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting Salinity Pressure and Land Management Summary - Report Card Scores and Trends (5 December 2008)
Wind erosion risk Dust Watch database

Land management within capability

Indicator Dataset
Land and soil capability Land and Soil Capability mapping for NSW
Land management within capability MER Land Management Survey Database
MER Land Management within Capability indicators, final result matrix
MER State of Catchment LMwC report tables
Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting - Land and Soil Capability Site Assessment
Contextual data NSW Landuse

Capacity to manage natural resources

Indicator Dataset
Human capital, social capital, natural capital, physical capital, financial capital Capacity of Natural Resource Managers (T13) 2009

Agency data contacts

OEH – Office of Environment and Heritage

Senior Data Program Coordinator
Office of Environment and Heritage
Address: 43 Bridge Street, Hurstville NSW 2220
Phone: 02 9585 6372

NOW – NSW Office of Water

Team Leader, Spatial Services & Information
NSW Office of Water
Address: 10 Valentine Ave, Parramatta NSW 2150
Phone: 02 8838 7519

DTIRIS – Department of Trade and Investment, Regional Infrastructure and Services

Geospatial Technology Manager
Department of Trade and Investment, Regional Infrastructure and Services
Address: 516 High St, Maitland NSW 2320
Phone: 02 4931 6492

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