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Schools stormwater education package

A schools stormwater education package,  Stormwater- Everyone's Responsibility Every Day, is a comprehensive web based School stormwater teaching guide, integrated into the Human Society and Its Environment (HSIE) Stage 2 (years 3 and 4) and Stage 5 Geography (years 9 and 10) curriculum.

The aim of the Stormwater Teaching Guides is to:

  • raise awareness, promote concern and increase skills in improving the quality of stormwater
  • promote stormwater discussion and behaviour at school and at home
  • integrate stormwater education into the formal curricula and other school activities
  • increase the pick-up of environmental education in schools
  • support and enhance the local government and school relationship.

The teaching resource consists of four components, designed to work together to encourage and support the widespread uptake of stormwater education activity across all NSW schools:

  • web based teaching learning material
  • activities for students designed to be printed out for use in the classroom and for project work
  • a schools accreditation scheme
  • a poster Stormwater – Everyone's responsibility every day

To enable us to continually improve this product the package contains a reporting/feedback facility.

Special emphasis is placed on oral communication skills, communication with parents, the civics and citizen focus in schools, and the role of the school and individuals in catchment protection.

Stormwater – Everyone's responsibility every day, was developed in close liaison with the NSW Department of Education and Training and supports the Environmental Education Policy for Schools (2001).

A second phase of the project will:

  • promote and support the use of the education package
  • evaluate the value, uptake and effectiveness of the materials

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