Rapid Fauna Habitat Assessment of the Sydney Metropolitan Catchment Management Authority Area

The Sydney Metropolitan Catchment Management Authority area extends from Holsworthy to Narrabeen Lagoon, including all of the Georges River, Cooks River and Parramatta River catchments. Despite its urban context, this area contains a wide variety of natural environments from estuarine and wetland habitats to rugged sandstone escarpments, open forests and woodlands.

The primary objective of this project was to synthesise information on the native terrestrial vertebrate fauna of the Sydney metropolitan area, including threatened species. The report aims to assist land managers make informed and focused decisions when faced with the difficult task of prioritising the management of sites with biodiversity values.

The Rapid Fauna Habitat Assessment of the Sydney Metropolitan Catchment Management Authority area has:

  • identified all areas of remnant bushland in the study area that are larger than 50 hectares (known as sites)
  • audited existing fauna information to determine what was already known and which sites required additional survey
  • undertaken fauna surveys using a variety of techniques and with the assistance of volunteers
  • profiled each site to describe the habitats present, the threats in operation and provide a comprehensive list of native fauna species
  • ranked the sites in order of overall fauna conservation priority based on a range of variables including connectivity, condition, presence of key fauna habitat features, presence of threatened and regionally significant fauna species and the presence of pest species.

In total over 550 native fauna species are known to occur in the study area, including 53 threatened fauna species (excluding vagrants). The significance of a number of existing reserves including Royal National Park, Towra Point Nature Reserve, Dharawal State Conservation Area and Nature Reserve and Prospect State Conservation Area has been documented. Other lands identified as having significant fauna values include the Botany wetlands, Holsworthy military area, Narrabeen Lake, Sydney Olympic Park and the upper Georges River.

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