Vegetation survey reports and mapping

Map showing vegetation survey reports Wollongambe-Wolgan areasWollemi National Park - North WestNattai and Bargo reservesIllawarra Bioregional AssessmentSydney Metropolitan AreaWestern Blue Mountains AreaWarragamba Special AreaCumberland PlainYengo National Park and Parr State Conservation AreaMetropolitan, O'Hares and Woronora Special AreasWestern Blue Mountains Area

Map showing vegetation survey reports

  1. Sydney Metropolitan Area
  2. Georges River NP (coming soon)
  3. Kamay Botany Bay NP (coming soon)
  4. Towra Point NR (coming soon)
  5. Wollemi NP – North West
  6. Wollemi NP – North East (contact OEH)
  7. Wollemi NP – South East (coming soon)
  8. Wollongambe-Wolgan Area (contact OEH)
  9. Grose Valley (contact OEH)
  10. Putty Area (coming soon)
  11. Yengo NP and Parr SCA
  12. Western Blue Mountains Area
  13. Hawkesbury Area (coming soon)
  14. Warragamba Special Area
  15. Nattai and Bargo Reserves
  16. Metropolitan, O'Hares and Woronora Special Areas
  17. Illawarra Bioregional Assessment
  18. Woodford and Erskine Range (contact OEH)
  19. Cumberland Plain
  20. Ku-ring-gai Chase NP (coming soon)
  21. Scheyville NP (contact OEH)
  22. Kanangra Area (contact OEH)
  23. Royal, Heathcote and Garawarra Reserves (contact OEH)

Vegetation maps can be downloaded from the OEH
VIS (Vegetation Information System) Map Catalogue as GIS files

Page last updated: 06 March 2014