Sustaining our environment

Sustainability Advantage

The Sustainability Advantage program is assisting organisations across New South Wales to achieve increased competitiveness and improved bottom lines through better environmental practices.


Over 500 participants are saving a combined $95 million a year through the program, which helps to identify and implement projects that enable them to:

  • Save money and improve productivity.
  • Integrate environmental strategies with business planning.
  • Use resources more efficiently.
  • Engage and train staff.
  • Enhance relationships with customers, suppliers and communities.
  • Measure their carbon footprint and manage their emissions.
  • Manage environmental risk and ensure compliance.
  • Gain government support and resourcing.
  • Receive the latest advice from business and government specialists.
  • Broaden their network by meeting and sharing ideas with others in the same industry and region.

Participants and support

Sustainability Advantage is open to organisations from the not-for-profit, government and medium-to-large business sectors, and attracts participants from many industries, including manufacturing, commercial property, registered clubs, health, aged care, transport and education.

While results depend on a company's own efforts, this membership-based program provides expertise, training and business tools such as:

  • Practical workshops.
  • A comprehensive range of guides, case studies and templates.
  • One-on-one specialist support.
  • Facilitated networking and targeted seminars.
  • An extended network of like-minded organisations.

The Office of Environment and Heritage promotes the environmental achievements of participating organisations through its Sustainability Advantage recognition scheme.

The first step is a management diagnostic to evaluate your organisation’s current environmental performance, and help your senior managers identify and prioritise initiatives to minimise risk and create future business opportunities.

Over 12 months you’ll undertake several tailored, flexible projects selected from the nine Sustainability Advantage modules.

How to participate

To become a member of the Sustainability Advantage program, you will need to:

  1. Contact the Sustainability Advantage team via email.
  2. Commit to at least 12 months’ participation and a modest financial contribution.
  3. Complete the initial sustainability management diagnostic.
  4. Undertake selected Sustainability Advantage modules.
  5. Participate in networking meetings and other sustainability events.
  6. Share progress reports with us.

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Page last updated: 19 March 2019