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Indicative distribution

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Scientific name: Caladenia rosella
Conservation status in NSW: Presumed Extinct
Commonwealth status: Endangered
Gazetted date: 13 Dec 2002
Profile last updated: 07 Sep 2017


The Rosella Spider Orchid is characterised by five long spreading petals and sepals around a broad down-curled labellum (‘lip’). It has a single, hairy leaf (to 80 mm long and 8 mm wide) that has reddish spots and blotches near its base. The slender flower stems are up to 17 cm tall. The musk-scented flowers are pink in colour, and borne singly. The species may be differentiated from the somewhat similar Crimson Spider Orchid Caladenia concolor by the deep pink striations on its flower.


The single NSW collection of the Rosella Spider Orchid (located in Albury) is undated, but is estimated to have been collected before 1896. Today the species is found near Melbourne in Victoria, but is listed as endangered because less than 200 plants are known to exist.

Habitat and ecology

  • In Victoria, the species is found in woodlands and low forests of Red Box (Eucalyptus polyanthemos), Long-leafed Box (E. goniocalyx) and Red Stringybark (E. macrorhyncha) in well-drained, skeletal soils.
  • Reproductive maturity is reached after three to five years, and is maintained for up to five years after.

Regional distribution and habitat

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Recovery strategies

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