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Minyon Quandong - profile

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Scientific name: Elaeocarpus sedentarius
Conservation status in NSW: Endangered
Commonwealth status: Endangered
Profile last updated: 21 Nov 2018


Minyon Quandong is a medium to large tree up to 30 m tall. The leaves are alternate and have a long stalk with a swelling at the outer end. When the canopy is viewed from below, the pale, blotchy undersurface of the leaves and the occasional red or orange leaf are distinctive. New growth is soft, furry and pink. The flowers are white, fringed bells and the globular 2 – 3 cm fruits have a blue skin with a dusting of rusty hairs.


Thought to be extinct until 1992, the species is now known to occur in Whian Whian State Conservation Area and Nightcap National Park north of Lismore, and in Mount Jerusalem National Park west of Mullumbimby.

Habitat and ecology

  • Warm temperate or subtropical rainforest, and where rainforest and wet eucalypt forest meet.
  • Often associated with Brush Box.

Regional distribution and habitat

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South Eastern QueenslandScenic Rim Known None