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Elderslie Banksia Scrub Forest - profile

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Scientific name: Elderslie Banksia Scrub Forest
Conservation status in NSW: Critically Endangered Ecological Community
Commonwealth status: Critically Endangered
Gazetted date: 20 Mar 2015
Profile last updated: 17 Aug 2021


A scrub community dominated by Coastal Banksia Banksia integrifolia subsp. integrifolia. Other canopy species include Broad-leaved Apple Angophora subvelutina. The shrubby understorey is diverse and includes species that usually occur in sandstone areas, such as Wedding Bush Ricinocarpus pinifolius, Riceflower Pimelea linifolia subsp. linifolia and Daphne Heath Brachyloma daphnoides. Contains many more species and other references should be consulted to identify these.


Occurs only in the Elderslie area, near Camden, in Sydney's south-west. Remaining remnants are 15 ha in total.

Habitat and ecology

  • Unique as includes plants, such as coastal Banksia and other sandstone region species, which do not occur in the surrounding Cumberland Plain communities.
  • Occurs only on sand deposits on the old terraces deposited by ancient river systems of what is now the Nepean River, and requires deep sand soil to fully regenerate.
  • Intergrades with Cumberland Plain Woodland and river-flat forest communities.

Regional distribution and habitat

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Sydney BasinCumberland Known None