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Fletcher's Drumsticks - profile

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The areas shown in pink and/purple are the sub-regions where the species or community is known or predicted to occur. They may not occur thoughout the sub-region but may be restricted to certain areas. ( click here to see geographic restrictions). The information presented in this map is only indicative and may contain errors and omissions.
Scientific name: Isopogon fletcheri
Conservation status in NSW: Vulnerable
Commonwealth status: Vulnerable
Profile last updated: 05 Jul 2022


An erect stout shrub to about 1 m high with yellowish or creamy green flowers that are crowded into dense globular drumstick-like heads held upright at the ends of thick stems. Leaves are leathery, entire, narrow lance-shaped, to 12 x 2 cm and have a blunt point. Fruit is a rounded woody cone about 2 cm across.


Restricted to a very small area in the Blackheath district of the Blue Mountains on the Central Tablelands. The entire known population occurs within Blue Mountains National Park.

Habitat and ecology

  • Restricted to moist sheltered cliffs within the spay zone of a waterfall. Grows in dry sclerophyll forest and heath on sandstone and is confined to sheltered moist positions.
  • Flowers spring and summer.
  • Fire tolerant species capable of resprouting from base following fire.
  • Seed does not have any dispersal mechanism and is dispersed by gravity only.

Regional distribution and habitat

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Information sources

IBRA Bioregion IBRA Subregion Known or predicted Geographic restrictions region
Sydney BasinBurragorang Known None
Sydney BasinWollemi Known None