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Scientific name: Persoonia acerosa
Conservation status in NSW: Vulnerable
Commonwealth status: Vulnerable
Profile last updated: 17 Aug 2021


The Needle Geebung is a small, erect to spreading shrub 1 - 2 m tall. Its bright green, pine-like foliage is very distinctive. The small, needle-like leaves are channelled on the upper surface. Flower clusters are produced along leafy shoots, not at the branch tips, as in related species. The yellow tubular flowers are up to 1 cm long and most frequently appear in summer. Fruits are pear-shaped, yellowish-green with brownish-red markings, to 14 mm long and 10 mm in diameter.


The Needle Geebung has been recorded only on the central coast and in the Blue Mountains, from Mt Tomah in the north to as far south as Hill Top where it is now believed to be extinct. Mainly in the Katoomba/ Wentworth Falls/ Springwood area.

Habitat and ecology

  • The Needle Geebung occurs in dry sclerophyll forest, scrubby low-woodland and heath on low fertility soils.
  • Plants are likely to be killed by fire and recruitment is solely from seed.
  • This species seems to benefit from the reduced competition and increased light available on disturbance margins including roadsides.

Regional distribution and habitat

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Information sources

IBRA Bioregion IBRA Subregion Known or predicted Geographic restrictions region
South Eastern HighlandsKanangra Predicted None
Sydney BasinBurragorang Known None
Sydney BasinSydney Cataract Known None
Sydney BasinWollemi Known None