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Warkworth Sands Woodland in the Sydney Basin Bioregion - profile

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Scientific name: Warkworth Sands Woodland in the Sydney Basin Bioregion
Conservation status in NSW: Endangered Ecological Community
Commonwealth status: Not listed
Gazetted date: 13 Dec 2002
Profile last updated: 23 Mar 2022


Warkworth Sands Woodland is a low woodland dominated by Angophora floribunda (Rough-barked Apple) and Banksia integrifolia subsp. integrifolia (Coast Banksia). Other tree species may be present such as Eucalyptus tereticornis (Forest Red Gum)and E. glaucina (Slaty Red Gum). Shrub and ground layer species commonly present include Acacia filicifolia (Fern-leaved Wattle), Melaleuca thymifolia (Thyme Honey-myrtle), Brachyloma daphnoides (Daphne Heath), Pteridium esculentum (Bracken), Pimelea linifolia (Slender Rice Flower), Imperata cylindrica var. major (Blady Grass), Chrysocephalum apiculatum (Common Everlasting) and Glycine clandestina. Small drainage lines within the area occuied by this community may support the presence or higher abundance of certain species (such as Melaleuca thymifolia) and the absence or lower abundance of others (such as Banksia integrifolia subsp. integrifolia). Such areas are included as part of this community..


Warkworth Sands Woodland is confined to a small area near Warkworth, about 15 km south-west of Singleton in the Hunter Valley. Only approximately 800 hectares of Warkworth Sands Woodland remains, none of which occurs within a conservation reserve. Due to the extent of vegetation clearing and modification, this is estimated to be as little as 13% of its pre-settlement extent. Currently known to occur only in the Singleton LGA, but may occur elsewhere in the Sydney Basin Bioregion.

Habitat and ecology

  • Warkworth Sand Woodland occurs on aeolian sand deposits south of Singleton in the Hunter Valley.
  • The species composition of a site will be influenced by the size of the site, recent rainfall or drought condition, and by its disturbance (including fire) history.
  • Several threatened fauna species including Petaurus norfolcensis,(Squirrel Glider), Chthonicola saggitata (Speckled Warbler), Climacteris picumnus victoriae (Brown Treecreeper) and Pomatosomus temporalis temporalis (Grey-crowned Babbler) have been recorded in this community. .

Regional distribution and habitat

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IBRA Bioregion IBRA Subregion Known or predicted Geographic restrictions region
Sydney BasinHunter Known None
Sydney BasinYengo Predicted None