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Flesh-footed Shearwater - profile

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Scientific name: Ardenna carneipes
Conservation status in NSW: Vulnerable
Commonwealth status: Not listed
Profile last updated: 22 Oct 2020


A large blackish-brown shearwater with flesh-coloured feet. The large bill is straw coloured with a dark tip and the eyes are brown.


Ranges throughout the Pacific and Indian Oceans. There are two main breeding areas in the world: one in the South West Pacific includes Lord Howe Island and New Zealand; the other along the coast of Western Australia.

Habitat and ecology

  • Marine
  • Nest on Lord Howe Island in forests on sandy soils from Ned's Beach to Clear Place, with smaller colonies below Transit Hill and at Old Settlement Beach.
  • Eggs are laid at the end of a burrow 1 - 2 metres in length.

Regional distribution and habitat

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Information sources

IBRA Bioregion IBRA Subregion Known or predicted Geographic restrictions region
OceanBatemans Shelf Known None
OceanHawkesbury Shelf Known None
OceanManning Shelf Known None
OceanSouth Pacific Ocean Known None
OceanTweed-Moreton Known None
OceanTwofold Shelf Known None
Ocean - Other StateNorthern Australian Coastal Waters Known None
Ocean - Other StateSouthern Australian Coastal Waters Known None
Other StateJervis Bay Territory Known None
Other StateQLD Known None
Other StateSA Known None
Pacific Subtropical IslandsLord Howe Island Known None