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Paddys River Box, Camden Woollybutt - profile

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The areas shown in pink and/purple are the sub-regions where the species or community is known or predicted to occur. They may not occur thoughout the sub-region but may be restricted to certain areas. ( click here to see geographic restrictions). The information presented in this map is only indicative and may contain errors and omissions.
Scientific name: Eucalyptus macarthurii
Conservation status in NSW: Endangered
Commonwealth status: Endangered
Gazetted date: 29 Aug 2014
Profile last updated: 16 Aug 2018


Paddys River Box (also known as Camden Woollybutt ) is a tall tree reaching up to 40 metres high. The grey-brown, shortly fibrous, thick bark is persistent on the trunk and larger branches. Above this the bark is smoth, grey and sheds in short ribbons. Juvenile leaves opposite, dull green and heart-shaped with the point away from the stem. Adult leaves are dull-green, 8-16 cm long, 0.8-1.5 cm wide.


Paddys River Box has a moderately restricted distribution. It is currently recorded from the Moss Vale District to Kanangra Boyd National Park. In the Southern Highlands it occurs mainly on private land, often as isolated individuals in, or on the edges, of paddocks. Isolated stands occur in the north west part of the range on the Boyd Plateau. It is not well reserved but does occur within Cecil Hoskins Nature Reserve in the Southern Highlands and Kanangra Boyd National Park.

Habitat and ecology

  • Occurs on grassy woodland on relatively fertile soils on broad cold flats.

Regional distribution and habitat

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Information sources

IBRA Bioregion IBRA Subregion Known or predicted Geographic restrictions region
South Eastern HighlandsBungonia Known None
South Eastern HighlandsKanangra Known None
South Eastern HighlandsOberon Known None
Sydney BasinBurragorang Known None
Sydney BasinMoss Vale Known None