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Bar-tailed Godwit (baueri) - Other State: Distribution and vegetation associations

Scientific name: Limosa lapponica baueri
Conservation status in NSW:
Commonwealth status: Vulnerable
Last updated: 15 Jul 2020

Distribution of the species within this region

The Bar-tailed Godwit (baueri) is known or predicted to occur in the following sub-regions of the Other State Interim Biogeographic Regionalisation of Australia Region.

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IBRA sub-region  Known or predictedGeographic restrictions within region
Jervis Bay Territory Predicted None

Vegetation formations, classes and types

In this region the Bar-tailed Godwit (baueri) - Other State is known to be associated with the following vegetation formations and classes. Click on a name to get background information about it.

  • Forested wetlands
    • Coastal Floodplain Wetlands
      • Coastal Creekflat Layered Grass-Sedge Swamp Forest
      • Estuarine Sea Rush Swamp Oak Forest
      • Estuarine Swamp Oak Twig-rush Forest
      • Estuarine Swamp Oak-Mangrove Forest
      • Far North Creekflat Paperbark Swamp Forest
      • Far North Estuarine Swamp Oak Forest
      • Far North Swamp Oak-Tuckeroo Swamp Fringe Forest
      • Far South Floodplain Wetland Paperbark Scrub
      • Hunter Coast Lake Flats Apple Forest
      • Hunter Coast Swamp Oak Rainforest
      • Hunter Estuarine Melaleuca nodosa Scrub
      • Northern Creekflat Eucalypt-Paperbark Mesic Swamp Forest
      • Northern Lowland Swamp Turpentine-Paperbark Forest
      • Northern Swamp Oak-Paperbark Forest
      • South Coast Floodplain Wetland Paperbark Scrub
      • Southern Estuarine Swamp Paperbark Creekflat Scrub
      • Sydney Hinterland Sandy Creekflat Shrub Forest
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    • Coastal Swamp Forests
      • Clarence Lowland Paperbark Sedge Swamp Woodland
      • Coastal Floodplain Swamp Paperbark Scrub
      • Coastal Sand Swamp Mahogany Dry Forest
      • Coastal Sands Swamp Mahogany Rush Forest
      • Far North Floodplain Paperbark-Swamp Oak Forest
      • Far North Mesophyll Paperbark Swamp Forest
      • Far North Paperbark Fern Swamp Forest
      • Far North Paperbark Gahnia Swamp Forest
      • Far North Sands Swamp Turpentine-Paperbark Forest
      • Far North Swamp Oak-Paperbark Tidal Forest
      • Hunter Coast Paperbark-Swamp Mahogany Forest
      • Hunter Coast Sandplain Sedge Paperbark Wetland
      • Lower North Creekflat Mahogany Swamp Forest
      • Northern Estuarine Paperbark Sedge Forest
      • Northern Floodplain Paperbark Fern Swamp Forest
      • Northern Lowland Orange Gum Dry Swamp Forest
      • Northern Lowland Swamp Turpentine-Mahogany Forest
      • Northern Melaleuca quinquenervia Swamp Forest
      • Northern Paperbark Banksia Littoral Forest
      • Northern Paperbark-Swamp Mahogany Saw-sedge Forest
      • Northern Sands Paperbark Sedge Low Forest
      • Northern Sands Swamp Mahogany Shrubby Rush Forest
      • Northern Sandy Alluvium Heathy Swamp Forest
      • Shoalhaven Lowland Flats Wet Swamp Forest
      • Sydney Hinterland Creekflat Paperbark Scrub
      • Tomago Drooping Red Gum Swamp Woodland
      • Wyong Paperbark-Woollybutt Swamp Forest
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  • Freshwater wetlands
    • Coastal Freshwater Lagoons
      • Castlereagh Gravel Sedgeland
      • Coast Sands Baumea articulata Sedgeland
      • Coast Sands Cladium Sedgeland
      • Coast Sands Lepironia Sedgeland
      • Coastal Floodplain Phragmites Reedland
      • Estuarine Reedland
      • Far North Floodplain Fern-Forb Wetland
      • Far North Floodplain Forb-Sedge Wetland
      • Far North Floodplain Paperbark Sedge Wetland
      • Foredune Swale Marsh
      • Northern Lower Floodplain Eleocharis Wetland
      • Northern Sands Baloskion-Baumea Wetland
      • Northern Sands Baumea-Eleocharis Sedgeland
      • Northern Sands Chorizandra Sedgeland
      • Northern Sands Water Couch Wetland
      • Northern Sandy Floodplain Sedge Paperbark Wetland
      • Pambula Dune Swale Red Gum Swamp Woodland
      • South Coast Dune Sea Spray Wetland
      • South Coast Sands Shrub Swamp
      • Southern Lower Floodplain Freshwater Wetland
      • Southern Sands Freshwater Lagoon Wetland
      • Sydney Coastal Headland Lagoon Sedgeland
      • Sydney Creekflat Wetland
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    • Coastal Heath Swamps
      • Coastal Sydney Sand Saw-sedge Wet Shrubland
      • Hunter Coast Grasstree Graminoid Swamp Scrub
      • Lower North Sands Swamp Scrub
      • Lower North Sands Wallum Bottlebrush Swamp Heath
      • Northern Sand Swale Fernland
      • Northern Sand Swale Paperbark Sedge Shrubland
      • Northern Sandplain Saw-sedge-Fern Swamp Heath
      • Northern Sandplain Wet Heath
      • Northern Sands Prickly Tea-tree Wet Shrubland
      • Sydney Coastal Sand Swamp Scrub
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  • Saline wetlands
    • Mangrove Swamps
      • Far North Estuarine Mangrove-Swamp Oak Forest
      • Grey Mangrove-River Mangrove Forest
    • Saltmarshes
      • Estuarine Club Rush-Arrowgrass Wetland
      • Paspalum vaginatum-Samphire Saltmarsh
      • Prickly Couch-Sea Rush Saltmarsh
      • Samphire Saltmarsh
      • South Coast Bracelet Honey-myrtle Sea Rush Saltmarsh
      • South Coast Selliera-Sea Rush Swamp Oak Saltmarsh
      • South Coast Spear-grass Saltmarsh
      • Sporobolus virginicus Saltmarsh
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