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Bar-tailed Godwit (baueri) - Sydney Basin: Distribution and vegetation associations

Scientific name: Limosa lapponica baueri
Conservation status in NSW:
Commonwealth status: Vulnerable
Last updated: 15 Jul 2020

Distribution of the species within this region

The Bar-tailed Godwit (baueri) is known or predicted to occur in the following sub-regions of the Sydney Basin Interim Biogeographic Regionalisation of Australia Region.

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IBRA sub-region  Known or predictedGeographic restrictions within region
Hunter Predicted None
Illawarra Known None
Jervis Known None
Pittwater Predicted None
Sydney Cataract Known None
Wyong Predicted None

Vegetation formations, classes and types

In this region the Bar-tailed Godwit (baueri) - Sydney Basin is known to be associated with the following vegetation formations and classes. Click on a name to get background information about it.

  • Forested wetlands
    • Coastal Floodplain Wetlands
      • Coastal Creekflat Layered Grass-Sedge Swamp Forest
      • Estuarine Sea Rush Swamp Oak Forest
      • Estuarine Swamp Oak Twig-rush Forest
      • Estuarine Swamp Oak-Mangrove Forest
      • Far North Creekflat Paperbark Swamp Forest
      • Far North Estuarine Swamp Oak Forest
      • Far North Swamp Oak-Tuckeroo Swamp Fringe Forest
      • Far South Floodplain Wetland Paperbark Scrub
      • Hunter Coast Lake Flats Apple Forest
      • Hunter Coast Swamp Oak Rainforest
      • Hunter Estuarine Melaleuca nodosa Scrub
      • Northern Creekflat Eucalypt-Paperbark Mesic Swamp Forest
      • Northern Lowland Swamp Turpentine-Paperbark Forest
      • Northern Swamp Oak-Paperbark Forest
      • South Coast Floodplain Wetland Paperbark Scrub
      • Southern Estuarine Swamp Paperbark Creekflat Scrub
      • Sydney Hinterland Sandy Creekflat Shrub Forest
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    • Coastal Swamp Forests
      • Clarence Lowland Paperbark Sedge Swamp Woodland
      • Coastal Floodplain Swamp Paperbark Scrub
      • Coastal Sand Swamp Mahogany Dry Forest
      • Coastal Sands Swamp Mahogany Rush Forest
      • Far North Floodplain Paperbark-Swamp Oak Forest
      • Far North Mesophyll Paperbark Swamp Forest
      • Far North Paperbark Fern Swamp Forest
      • Far North Paperbark Gahnia Swamp Forest
      • Far North Sands Swamp Turpentine-Paperbark Forest
      • Far North Swamp Oak-Paperbark Tidal Forest
      • Hunter Coast Paperbark-Swamp Mahogany Forest
      • Hunter Coast Sandplain Sedge Paperbark Wetland
      • Lower North Creekflat Mahogany Swamp Forest
      • Northern Estuarine Paperbark Sedge Forest
      • Northern Floodplain Paperbark Fern Swamp Forest
      • Northern Lowland Orange Gum Dry Swamp Forest
      • Northern Lowland Swamp Turpentine-Mahogany Forest
      • Northern Melaleuca quinquenervia Swamp Forest
      • Northern Paperbark Banksia Littoral Forest
      • Northern Paperbark-Swamp Mahogany Saw-sedge Forest
      • Northern Sands Paperbark Sedge Low Forest
      • Northern Sands Swamp Mahogany Shrubby Rush Forest
      • Northern Sandy Alluvium Heathy Swamp Forest
      • Shoalhaven Lowland Flats Wet Swamp Forest
      • Sydney Hinterland Creekflat Paperbark Scrub
      • Tomago Drooping Red Gum Swamp Woodland
      • Wyong Paperbark-Woollybutt Swamp Forest
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  • Freshwater wetlands
    • Coastal Freshwater Lagoons
      • Castlereagh Gravel Sedgeland
      • Coast Sands Baumea articulata Sedgeland
      • Coast Sands Cladium Sedgeland
      • Coast Sands Lepironia Sedgeland
      • Coastal Floodplain Phragmites Reedland
      • Estuarine Reedland
      • Far North Floodplain Fern-Forb Wetland
      • Far North Floodplain Forb-Sedge Wetland
      • Far North Floodplain Paperbark Sedge Wetland
      • Foredune Swale Marsh
      • Northern Lower Floodplain Eleocharis Wetland
      • Northern Sands Baloskion-Baumea Wetland
      • Northern Sands Baumea-Eleocharis Sedgeland
      • Northern Sands Chorizandra Sedgeland
      • Northern Sands Water Couch Wetland
      • Northern Sandy Floodplain Sedge Paperbark Wetland
      • Pambula Dune Swale Red Gum Swamp Woodland
      • South Coast Dune Sea Spray Wetland
      • South Coast Sands Shrub Swamp
      • Southern Lower Floodplain Freshwater Wetland
      • Southern Sands Freshwater Lagoon Wetland
      • Sydney Coastal Headland Lagoon Sedgeland
      • Sydney Creekflat Wetland
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    • Coastal Heath Swamps
      • Coastal Sydney Sand Saw-sedge Wet Shrubland
      • Hunter Coast Grasstree Graminoid Swamp Scrub
      • Lower North Sands Swamp Scrub
      • Lower North Sands Wallum Bottlebrush Swamp Heath
      • Northern Sand Swale Fernland
      • Northern Sand Swale Paperbark Sedge Shrubland
      • Northern Sandplain Saw-sedge-Fern Swamp Heath
      • Northern Sandplain Wet Heath
      • Northern Sands Prickly Tea-tree Wet Shrubland
      • Sydney Coastal Sand Swamp Scrub
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  • Saline wetlands
    • Mangrove Swamps
      • Far North Estuarine Mangrove-Swamp Oak Forest
      • Grey Mangrove-River Mangrove Forest
    • Saltmarshes
      • Estuarine Club Rush-Arrowgrass Wetland
      • Paspalum vaginatum-Samphire Saltmarsh
      • Prickly Couch-Sea Rush Saltmarsh
      • Samphire Saltmarsh
      • South Coast Bracelet Honey-myrtle Sea Rush Saltmarsh
      • South Coast Selliera-Sea Rush Swamp Oak Saltmarsh
      • South Coast Spear-grass Saltmarsh
      • Sporobolus virginicus Saltmarsh
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