The NSW Flying-Fox Consultative Committee

There is widespread community interest in flying-foxes. A range of interested parties with diverse views are concerned about challenges for the conservation and management of the grey-headed flying-fox, which is listed as a vulnerable species in NSW and nationally.

Wildlife managers must prevent damage to the livelihoods of horticulturists, minimise urban nuisance problems and avoid disease transmission. At the same time they must try to protect the welfare of flying-foxes and stop further losses in flying-fox populations so that native ecosystems are maintained.

To provide balanced public input into these issues the Department of Environment and Conservation (later renamed Office of Environment and Heritage) established the NSW Flying-Fox Consultative Committee in August 2001, shortly after the listing of the grey-headed flying-fox as a threatened species in NSW. Through the committee, representatives of key interested parties are involved in the development of strategies to conserve and manage the three species of flying-fox in NSW.

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Page last updated: 16 December 2013