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Indicative distribution

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Scientific name: Correa lawrenceana var. genoensis
Conservation status in NSW: Endangered
Commonwealth status: Endangered
Gazetted date: 13 Dec 2002
Profile last updated: 16 Aug 2018


The Genoa River Correa is a shrub to 2 m tall. Its oval-shaped leaves, 3 - 6 cm long, and to 4 cm wide, have a covering of thick, brown hairs on the undersides. It has yellowish-green tubular flowers that often become red with age.


The Genoa River Correa has only been recorded along the Genoa River and its tributaries in the vicinity of the Victorian border (South East Forests National Park). There is only one population known in NSW.

Habitat and ecology

  • Found in riparian vegetation (tall open forest) dominated by Monkey Gum (Eucalyptus cypellocarpa) and Hazel Pomaderris (Pomaderris aspera).

Regional distribution and habitat

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Recovery strategies

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Information sources

IBRA Bioregion IBRA Subregion Known or predicted Geographic restrictions region
South East CornerSouth East Coastal Ranges Known south of Nalbaugh