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Western Goodenia - profile

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Scientific name: Goodenia occidentalis
Conservation status in NSW: Endangered
Commonwealth status: Not listed
Profile last updated: 18 Aug 2022


Short-lived herb to 40 cm high, with thick basal leaves forming an ascending rosette and smaller stem leaves. Basal leaves 3-6 cm long, 4-12 mm wide. Flowers arranged along one side of the glandular hairy stalk. Flowers 4-6 mm long, yellow, often with purplish brown near the base, wings about 0.2 mm wide. Fruit spherical, 2.5-3 mm in diameter, seeds circular, black and glossy with a narrow white wing.


Recorded in NSW from Tundulya Station about 40 km SE of Louth. Extends across the drier parts of southern Australia, from near the central-western coast of WA, through SA to central-western NSW.

Habitat and ecology

  • Grows in a variety of drier communities, mainly in mallee and Acacia scrub, and mainly in sandy soils. Recorded in NSW growing in deep red sand to sandy-loam on a stabilised sand dune and in a depression amongst sandhills.
  • Other habitats include gentle slopes, ridge tops, lateritic outcrops, sandy flats and pebbly to gravely sands. Associated species include Acacia aneura and Triodia scariosa.
  • Flowers chiefly from July to October.
  • The species is known to grow in disturbed areas and can become common in patches on disturbed flats.
  • Recorded in populations as locally common to frequent.

Regional distribution and habitat

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IBRA Bioregion IBRA Subregion Known or predicted Geographic restrictions region
Cobar PeneplainBarnato Downs Known None
Murray Darling DepressionDarling Depression Known None