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Formbe Peppercress - profile

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Scientific name: Lepidium pseudopapillosum
Conservation status in NSW: Endangered
Commonwealth status: Vulnerable
Profile last updated: 18 Oct 2022


A small perennial herb which grows to about 15 cm tall. Its basal leaves are pinnately lobed whilst its stem leaves are narrow but not lobed. Inflorescences are long and narrow at the end of stems. Flowers have four small (0.75 mm) sepals but no petals. The fruits (siliculas) are broad (about 5 mm long and 4 mm wide) with lateral wings that broaden from the base forming a small notch at the apex.


Recorded from central and north-western Victoria and the Flinders Ranges of South Australia. The original description of the species includes the information 'Neu-Süd-Wales: Formbe, rocky lands, leg. E. Smith, VIII. 1902' but the location of Formbe has not been confirmed. The NSW Herbarium has specimens assigned to this species from Canberra but notes that 'this specimen is somewhat atypical'. Plants in the Canberra population are now considered to be a distinct taxon, which has been named L. ginninderrense (Scarlett 2001) and there are no records from NSW of this species    

Habitat and ecology

  • Victorian collections, where the species is considered to be rare, have been made in Buloke/Black Box woodland and open forest of Grey Box.

Regional distribution and habitat

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