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Maireana lanosa - profile

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Scientific name: Maireana lanosa
Conservation status in NSW: Extinct
Commonwealth status: Not listed
Profile last updated: 13 Aug 2021


Maireana lanosa is an erect perennial that grows to 50 cm high.

The leaves are elliptic to narrow-obovate, 20 mm long and hairy.

Flowers are solitary and bisexual.

Fruiting perianth are sparsely hairy. Horizontal wing is 7–12 mm in diameter with a radial slit. 6 erect appendages alternating with perianth lobes are linear and 3–4 mm long.


Maireana lanosa is presumed to be extinct in NSW. Its distribution is known to widespread but uncommon. It is currently distributed throughout Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory.  

Habitat and ecology

  • Maireana lanosa are found in red sand or loam on saline flats or floodplains.

Recovery strategies

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