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Dysphania plantaginella - Murray Darling Depression: Distribution and vegetation associations

Scientific name: Dysphania plantaginella
Conservation status in NSW: Endangered
Commonwealth status: Not listed
Last updated: 01 Nov 2022

Distribution of the species within this region

The Dysphania plantaginella is known or predicted to occur in the following sub-regions of the Murray Darling Depression Interim Biogeographic Regionalisation of Australia Region.

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IBRA sub-region  Known or predictedGeographic restrictions within region
Darling Depression Known None

Vegetation formations, classes and types

In this region the Dysphania plantaginella - Murray Darling Depression is known to be associated with the following vegetation formations and classes. Click on a name to get background information about it.

  • Freshwater wetlands
    • Inland Floodplain Shrublands
      • Canegrass swamp tall grassland wetland of drainage depressions, lakes and pans of the inland plains
      • Lignum shrubland wetland of the semi-arid (warm) plains (mainly Riverina Bioregion and Murray Darling Depression Bioregion)
      • Nitre Goosefoot shrubland wetland on clays of the inland floodplains
      • River Coobah tall shrubland wetland of the floodplains in the Riverina Bioregion and Murray Darling Depression Bioregion
    • Inland Floodplain Swamps
      • Shallow marsh wetland of regularly flooded depressions on floodplains mainly in the semi-arid (warm) climatic zone (mainly Riverina Bioregion and Murray Darling Depression Bioregion)
  • Saline wetlands
    • Inland Saline lakes
      • Disturbed annual saltbush forbland on clay plains and inundation zones mainly of south-western NSW
      • Gypseous shrubland on rises in the semi-arid and arid plains
      • Slender Glasswort low shrubland in saline wetland depressions in the semi-arid and arid climate zones, far western NSW
      • Submerged flora of saline permanent wetland of the arid zone
      • Submerged flora of saline temporary wetland of the arid zone