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Threatened species

Comb-crested Jacana - NSW North Coast: Distribution and vegetation associations

Scientific name: Irediparra gallinacea
Conservation status in NSW: Vulnerable
Commonwealth status: Not listed
Last updated: 21 Jun 2018

Distribution of the species within this region

The Comb-crested Jacana is known or predicted to occur in the following sub-regions of the NSW North Coast Interim Biogeographic Regionalisation of Australia.

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IBRA sub-region  Known or predictedGeographic restrictions within region
Coffs Coast and Escarpment Known None
Dalmorton Predicted None
Karuah Manning Known None
Macleay Hastings Known None
Upper Hunter Known None
Yuraygir Known None

Vegetation formations, classes and types

In this region the Comb-crested Jacana - NSW North Coast is known to be associated with the following vegetation formations and classes. Click on a name to get background information about it.

  • Freshwater wetlands
    • Coastal Freshwater Lagoons
      • Cladium procerum coastal freshwater wetland
      • Coastal freshwater meadows and forblands of lagoons and wetlands
      • Coastal freshwater swamps of the Sydney Basin Bioregion
      • Coastal freshwater wetland
      • Jointed Twig-rush sedgeland
      • Lepironia articulata sedgeland
      • Phragmites australis and Typha orientalis coastal freshwater wetlands of the Sydney Basin Bioregion
      • Spirodella freshwater wetland
      • Tall Spike Rush freshwater wetland
      • Typha rushland
      • Water Couch - Tall Spike Rush freshwater wetland of the Central Coast and lower Hunter
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    • Inland Floodplain Swamps
      • Permanent and semi-permanent freshwater lakes wetland of the inland slopes and plains
      • Pilliga tank gilgai wetland sedgeland rushland, Brigalow Belt South Bioregion
      • Riparian sedgeland rushland wetland of the Pilliga to Goonoo sandstone forests, Brigalow Belt South Bioregion
      • Sedgeland - forbland wetland in depressions on valley flats of the NSW North-western Slopes
      • Sedgeland fen wetland of spring-fed or runoff-fed creeks in the southern Pilliga - Warrumbungle Range region, Brigalow Belt South Bioregion
      • Swamp Paper-bark very tall shrubland wetland on sodic soils in the Pilliga Scrub region
      • Water Couch marsh grassland wetland of frequently flooded inland watercourses
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    • Montane Lakes
      • Basalt plateau lagoons of the New England Tableland Bioregion
      • Upland wetlands of the New England Tableland Bioregion