Long-nosed Bandicoot, North Head - Sydney Basin: Distribution and vegetation associations

Conservation status in NSW: Endangered Population
Commonwealth status: Not listed
Last updated: 01 Dec 2017

Distribution of the species within this region

The Long-nosed Bandicoot, North Head is known or predicted to occur in the following sub-regions of the Sydney Basin Interim Biogeographic Regionalisation of Australia.

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IBRA sub-region  Known or predictedGeographic restrictions within region
Pittwater Known south of Addison Rd Manly Headland, including Sydney Harbour NP (north)

Vegetation formations, classes and types

In this region the Long-nosed Bandicoot, North Head - Sydney Basin is known to be associated with the following vegetation formations and classes. Click on a name to get background information about it.

  • Dry sclerophyll forests (shrubby sub-formation)
    • Sydney Coastal Dry Sclerophyll Forests
      • Red Bloodwood - scribbly gum heathy woodland on sandstone plateaux of the Sydney Basin Bioregion
      • Smooth-barked Apple - Coast Banksia / Cheese Tree open forest on sandstone slopes on the foreshores of the drowned river valleys of Sydney
      • Sydney Peppermint - Smooth-barked Apple - Red Bloodwood shrubby open forest on slopes of moist sandstone gullies, eastern Sydney Basin Bioregion
  • Heathlands
    • Sydney Coastal Heaths
      • Bracelet Honey-myrtle - Heath-leaved Banksia - Scrub She-oak coastal cliffline scrub in the Sydney basin
      • Hairpin Banksia - Kunzea ambigua - Allocasuarina distyla heath on coastal sandstone plateaux, Sydney Basin Bioregion
      • Hairpin Banksia - Slender Tea-tree heath on coastal sandstone plateaux, Sydney Basin Bioregion
      • Heath-leaved Banksia - Scrub She-oak heath on sandstone headlands in the Sydney basin
    • Wallum Sand Heaths
      • Banksia heath on aeolian sands of eastern Sydney suburbs, Sydney Basin Bioregion
  • Rainforests
    • Littoral Rainforests
      • Lilly Pilly - Cabbage Tree Palm littoral rainforest on escarpment slopes and gullies of the Sydney basin
      • Lilly Pilly littoral rainforest of the southern Sydney Basin Bioregion and South East Corner Bioregion
    • Northern Warm Temperate Rainforests
      • Lilly Pilly - Coachwood warm temperate rainforest on moist sheltered slopes and gullies, Sydney Basin Bioregion and South East Corner Bioregion