A proposed new legal framework: Aboriginal cultural heritage in New South Wales

The NSW Government is developing a new legal framework to improve the way Aboriginal cultural heritage is protected, managed and celebrated in NSW.

The draft Aboriginal Cultural Heritage (ACH) Bill, if passed by Parliament, will become an enabling Act that establishes a new Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Authority. The draft Bill empowers the Authority to take certain actions, including making regulations, policies and guidelines that provide the detailed rules for how the new arrangements will work. Together, the Act, regulations, policies and guidelines form the overall legal framework.

Related documents

The proposal paper explains the proposed new legal framework for Aboriginal cultural heritage in New South Wales. It describes the context for the proposed new law, the details of the new processes and systems that the legislation will establish, the benefits to Aboriginal people, industry, government and the community, and how to give your feedback.

The related fact sheet provides an overview of the proposed new system, why Aboriginal cultural heritage is important to Aboriginal people, and how to get more information and have your say.