Draft NSW Clean Air Strategy: public consultation

The public consultation on the draft NSW Clean Air Strategy has now closed.

The public consultation period for the draft NSW Clean Air Strategy was from 18 March to 23 April 2021.

Extensive consultation has previously been carried out including the Clean Air Summit in 2017 which was attended by more than 300 stakeholders. The Government is already delivering on actions to support clean air such as those announced at the summit.

What is the NSW Clean Air Strategy?

The draft NSW Clean Air Strategy presents the whole of NSW Government approach to improving air quality and minimising adverse effects on human health. The priorities in the draft Strategy are better preparedness for pollution events, cleaner industry, cleaner transport, engines and fuels, healthier households and better places. Under the Clean Air Strategy, the NSW Government will continue to lead by example.

Actions in the draft Strategy reflect the substantial and growing body of evidence on air pollution and its health impacts and costs in New South Wales. 

Further information on the draft Strategy is available on the NSW Clean Air Strategy webpage.