Biodiversity certification for Warnervale: Consultation

Application has been made for biodiversity certification of land at Warnervale. The application is closed for public comment.

Biodiversity certification addresses the potential effects of land use change on biodiversity during the early planning stage. The certification process identifies areas that can be developed after they are certified and measures to offset the impacts of development.

This application relates to a proposed residential subdivision development on 5.17 hectares of land at 77–91 Warnervale Road, Warnervale. The site is currently zoned R1: General Residential and RE1: Public Recreation in the northern portion and R2: Low Density Residential in the southern portion under the Central Coast Local Environment Plan 2022.

As part of the biodiversity certification process, the applicant made the application available and invited the public to make submissions on the application.

The Biodiversity Certification Assessment Report (PDF 43.5MB) and Biodiversity certification application (PDF 577KB) for the land at Warnervale were available for public consultation, but the consultation has now closed. 

The applicant must now provide a report to the Department of Planning and Environment that includes the applicant’s response to any submissions from the public.