Biodiversity Conservation Investment Strategy

The Biodiversity Conservation Investment Strategy 2018 sets the government's priorities for private land conservation.

The NSW Government has committed more than $350 million over the next 5 years from 2019–20 to fund the Biodiversity Conservation Trust to deliver its private land conservation programs. This investment will be guided by the Biodiversity Conservation Investment Strategy 2018.

It sets out short and long-term targets (5 and 20 years respectively) to help measure progress in meeting the strategy's environmental and socioeconomic objectives.

Public consultation

The strategy is a key component of the government's comprehensive framework for private land conservation established under the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016. It was published by the Minister for the Environment, following consultation on a draft strategy.

Members of the community were invited to submit their feedback on the draft strategy by 15 December 2017. The former Office of Environment and Heritage received 48 submissions and the draft strategy was revised to take in feedback from the submissions. The draft documents released for consultation and the submissions can be viewed at the submissions page.

For more information about the strategy, visit Biodiversity Offsets Scheme support.

What is the relationship between the strategy and the National Parks System Directions Statement?

The National Parks System Directions Statement guides the building of the state's network of public conservation reserves. Together with the Biodiversity Conservation Investment Strategy 2018, the statement will work towards establishing an integrated protected area system across public and private land in New South Wales.