Native vegetation regulatory map land categorisation and the Biodiversity Offsets Scheme

The native vegetation regulatory map (NVR map) designates New South Wales land into several land management categories.

Each category of the NVR map is determined by criteria within the Local Land Services Act 2013 (LLS Act) and Local Land Services Regulation 2014 (LLS Regulation). 

Draft and transitional NVR map

The draft NVR map has been released for 11 local government areas. Go to the Draft Native Vegetation Regulatory map for additional guidance.  

In areas that do not yet have a published draft NVR map available, examine the published transitional NVR map to determine if the subject land has been designated as category 2-sensitive regulated land, category 2-vulnerable regulated land or excluded land. 

New guidance for determining native vegetation land categorisation in the BOS

The Determining native vegetation land categorisation for application in the Biodiversity Offsets Scheme (BOS) guide has been published and is available on the Assessor resources webpage. 

The guide is designed for use by accredited assessors applying the BOS during the NVR map transitional period: that is, until an area has been designated on the final NVR map. 

The guide outlines how to assess NVR map categorisations and biodiversity assessment requirements on category 1-exempt land. 

Contact the BOS Help Desk if you need additional guidance to determine NVR map land categorisation for application in the BOS.

For state significant development or infrastructure proposals, guidance may also be sought from the relevant Biodiversity Conservation Division Regional Planning team.

Additional support 

For general enquiries about the BOS or this information, contact the department online at BOS Support

If you need to discuss an in-progress assessment, please contact the relevant Environment and Heritage Group regional office.

You can also contact your regional Local Land Services office via the Contact my local office webpage or call 1300 795 299.