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Biodiversity Offsets Scheme updates

The department periodically sends email updates to accredited assessors. The content of those updates is available below.

Note: We regularly update support tools and documents, so some of the information in the bulletins may have been superseded. Please ensure you check the most recent information.

From January 2022, the Accredited Assessor (AA) and Local Government (LG) updates have merged into one overarching newsletter: the Biodiversity Offsets Scheme Updates (BOS Updates). The BOS Updates provide accredited assessors and local government with shared information that is consistent and up to date with the latest improvements and advice on the Biodiversity Offsets Scheme (the Scheme). We aim to improve how we communicate with our partners to help support the delivery of the Scheme. Your feedback on how we can improve is encouraged. Please submit your feedback with our Your feedback: BOS Updates Newsletter form (3 minutes).

If you would like to update your details, be added to our BOS Updates distribution list or forward this to a colleague, please sign up to our monthly BOS Update newsletters. A list of all our previous AA and LG updates can be viewed on Accredited Assessor Updates and Local Government Updates.

Most recent update

BOS Update No. 20 – 26 September 2023 (PDF 349KB)

Biodiversity Assessment Method updates

  • Important: Swift parrot and regent honeyeater important habitat maps updated and available from 27 September 2023
  • Biodiversity Values Map version 16 update.

Accredited assessor updates

  • Two new user guides for the Biodiversity Offset and Agreement Management System (BOAMS)
  • Update to the serious and irreversible impacts (SAII) list.

BCF Charge System updates

  • BCF Charge System transitional price cap rule expires midnight 16 October 2023
  • Proponents with an existing BCF Charge Quote for capped-price credits
  • Proponents seeking a BCF Charge Quote
  • Summary of key dates.

General scheme update

  • Reminder: Submit applications for scheme credit transfers and retirements as soon as possible.