Renewing accreditation

If you were accredited to apply the Biodiversity Assessment Method (BAM) when the Biodiversity Offset Scheme commenced, you may be approaching your renewal date.

When do I need to renew?

You need to prepare before your accreditation is due for renewal. It will take the department 3 weeks to process your application. If you are not sure when your renewal date is, you should check your accreditation documentation.

You will be able to submit your prepared application 3 months before the due date.

Grace period

If you have not submitted your application in time for it to be considered by the department by the due date, there is a 3-month grace period after your accreditation due date to complete the renewal process.

During those 3 months, you will not be officially accredited and will not be able to formally certify any Biodiversity Assessment Report.

You will not be able to apply for renewal after the three-month grace period has passed.

How do I renew my accreditation?

To renew your accreditation, you must provide:

  1. evidence of the successful completion of a refresher training course
  2. a completed application form (PDF 219KB) including a signed Code of Conduct and Fit and Proper Person Declaration
  3. a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Log addressing minimum requirements.

Renewal application will be processed through Biodiversity Offsets and Agreements Management System (BOAMS), and an accreditation term fee will be payable once we notify you of your approval.

Renewal training

BAM accredited assessors are being contacted about renewal training three months prior to their re-accreditation due date.

Renewal training has two parts. Part 1 involves online eLearning modules that assessors must complete before attending Part 2. Part 2 is two five-hour sessions delivered using interactive on-line webinars Competency is demonstrated via assessment tasks.

The Department is finalising delivery of the Part 2 training.

Assessors whose accreditation expires in the interim can attend Part 1 to achieve renewal. You will be required to attend Part 2 when it becomes available. The Department will be contacting assessors who can renew via this option. 

Payments for training will be split into the two Parts with payment only required for Part 1 initially.

The Department will provide more information relating to the availability of Part 2 in due course.

You may make contact directly with Greencap via their Biodiversity Offset Scheme webpage or this mailbox

Continuing Professional Development Log

Accredited Assessors need to submit a Continuing Professional Development Log with their renewal application.

The Continuing Professional Development Log requires reporting on 4 elements:

  1. fieldwork
  2. analyses using the BAM-C
  3. Biodiversity Assessment Report writing
  4. attendance of BAM-related events.

The CPD log template (DOCX 123KB) must be used to record your annual activity.

The Accredited Assessor Continuing Professional Development Log Guideline describes how assessors should address continuing professional development.

Accredited assessors can request an alternative approach in limited circumstances using the Continuing Professional Development Request for consideration (PDF 127KB).

Please refer to section 6 of the guideline for further information.

Transitional arrangements for recording CPD activity

All assessors accredited or renewed after 30 June 2021 must address the annual activity requirements from the start of their new accreditation term.

All existing assessors, as of 30 June 2021, are given transitional allowances. Table 2 (page 3) of the guideline describe these allowances.