Case study: successful biodiversity stewardship site

A property near the Hunter is on its way to becoming a successful 2600 hectare biodiversity stewardship site.

The property, which was previously used for private native forestry, has generated a range of species and ecosystem credits including for koalas and squirrel gliders, and other parts of the land will continue to be used for grazing.

'It’s a beautiful, quiet area, a haven for me and my family and very green,' says the landholder.

'In this way we are able to earn income, protect the environment and keep the property in the family for future generations.'

The process of developing the stewardship site took a number of years but the landholder was excited to find breeding koalas, many different tree species and a rare orchid.

The management plan will include managing fire risk using a mosaic pattern to reduce impacts on the forest and controlling lantana. The landholder recommends employing a good quality accredited assessor (he found his through a local Stock and Station Agent) and found the Biodiversity Conservation Trust very friendly and helpful.

The landholder is hopeful of offsetting a local project soon or finding a buyer for his credits through one of the expressions of interest being run.