Public display of entities nominated for Serious and Irreversible Impacts

Public display of nominations for threatened ecological communities and species at risk of serious and irreversible impacts.

If you are an ecologist, species expert, consent authority or interested party with evidence (e.g. data) to support or oppose the proposed changes shown in the publicly displayed tables, the department encourages you to submit a nomination, or provide feedback on nominations. This contributes to the accuracy of the list and provides a transparent listing process.

Nominations for Serious and Irreversible Impact (SAII) to threatened ecological communities) or species (including endangered populations) are publicly displayed in provisional tables for 21 days. If nominations are received, the public display occurs around May of each year.

To nominate, or provide feedback on a publicly displayed nomination, use the relevant template nomination form for a threatened species (or population) or an ecological community. When providing feedback on a displayed nomination, select the option on the form to 'Provide feedback on a (species or threatened ecological community) currently being publicly displayed'.

After the display period, the department will review all nominations and related feedback and accept or reject the nominations.

The SAII list will generally be updated annually to include all accepted nominations. Accredited assessors and subscribing local government officers are notified when changes occur to the list.

Please note that entities recently listed as critically endangered will be added to the SAII list with no requirement for public display.

Public display of nominations

Where nominations have been received, nominations will be displayed in the tables below around May of each year, for 21 days.

No entities are currently being publicly displayed.