Find biodiversity credits to offset your credit obligation

You have 3 options for finding the biodiversity credits you need to offset your credit obligation.

1. Use the BOS public registers

Your first option is to find the credits through the BOS public registers, contact the credit holder and negotiate to purchase the credits. If you are meeting a credit obligation, you will need to find the right type of 'like-for-like' credits or you may also be able to use the variation rules.

Step 1: Find the credits you need on the credit supply register

First check the credit supply register to see if there are credits available. You can filter this database by credit type to see if the credits you require are available. If available, use the contact details on the credit supply register to contact the credit owner to negotiate to purchase credits.

If you decide to purchase and retire biodiversity credits, you will need to fill in the required application forms and pay the processing fees which can be found on the Offset credit transactions webpage.

Step 2: Still seeking credits? List the credits you need on the BOS credits wanted register

If the credit type you require is not available on the credit supply register, you can list the credits you require on the BOS Credits Demand Register. Email for assistance with listing the credits you require. We are looking at ways to streamline this process in the future.

2. Pay into the Biodiversity Conservation Fund

Another option to meet a credit obligation is to pay into the Biodiversity Conservation Fund. With this payment, the Biodiversity Conservation Trust becomes responsible for the credit obligation. To take this approach, you will need to fill in an application form and provide your conditions of development consent.

3. Create your own credits

You can also meet your credit obligation by creating your own credits if you have a suitable site. This is possible by developing a Biodiversity Stewardship Agreement (BSA) with the Credits Supply Taskforce.