Renewing accreditation

The Biodiversity Assessment Method (BAM) accreditation scheme aims to ensure that the BAM is applied by people with appropriate ecological skills, knowledge and experience, and a demonstrated understanding of the BAM.

How do I renew my accreditation?

Renewing your accreditation must have:

  1. the successful completion of a refresher training course
  2. a completed application form including a Code of Conduct declaration
  3. a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Log addressing minimum requirements
  4. any other information required by the Environment Agency Head.

Renewal application will be processed through Biodiversity Offsets and Agreements Management System (BOAMS), and an accreditation term fee will be payable once we notify you of your approval.

When do I need to renew?

The renewal process should be completed by your accreditation due date. You will be able to submit your prepared application 3 months before that date.

Grace period

There is a three-month grace period after your accreditation due date to complete the renewal process.

During those three months you will not be officially accredited, and will not be able to formally certify any Biodiversity Assessment Report.

You will not be able to apply for renewal after the three-month grace period has passed.

Renewal refresher training

More information about renewal refresher training will be released towards the end of 2020. It is proposed for it to take 2 days and will consist of some on-line assessment, and some face to face content. Accessibility across the State, include remote access is being considered in the course development.

Renewal application form including assessor Code of Conduct

Application forms will be available on this webpage during 2021.

The Code of Conduct is proposed to be reviewed before March 2021 and the Department will be seeking input.

Fee payment

Renewal will require payment of term fees.

There is no application fee.

Draft Continuing Professional Development Log

Accredited Assessors need to submit a Continuing Professional Development Log with their renewal application.

The draft Continuing Professional Development Log requires reporting on four elements of BAM engagement:

  1. field work
  2. analyses using the BAM-C
  3. BAR writing
  4. attendance of BAM-related events.

The approach is flexible. Please see alternative options in the guideline.

The draft Continuing Professional Development Log Guidelines establishes minimum requirements to be met per year.

The draft requirements of the CPD log on now on exhibition.

Have your say

Assessors can read the draft Continuing Professional Development Log Guidelines.

Assessors have been sent an email with a link to a survey.

You can email us any comments at

Submissions close on 19 October 2020