Consultation on proposed changes to Biodiversity Assessment Method

The Biodiversity Assessment Method – Draft for exhibition is open for public comment until 16 October 2019.

The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment is committed to ensuring the Biodiversity Assessment Method (BAM), which underpins the biodiversity offsets scheme, is scientifically robust and user-friendly.

The Department prposed making a range of improvements to the BAM. These are based on feedback and questions received from users through the Land Management and Biodiversity Conservation (LMBC) Service Centre, as well as discussions with other agencies involved in the Biodiversity Offsets Scheme.

The changes will:

  • make the BAM easier to understand and apply
  • clarify assessment requirements and provide additional guidance to help assessors understand options for addressing and offsetting impacts
  • add streamlined assessment options to provide more efficient assessment processes
  • ensure technical terminology is consistent within the BAM and with the relevant legislation and regulations
  • add a new appendix on valuing land-based conservation measures for strategic biodiversity certification.

A summary of the proposed changes was provided in Proposed changes to the Biodiversity Assessment Method – Public consultation overview.

You can read the complete proposed amended BAM in Biodiversity Assessment Method – Draft for exhibition.